Citizenship tutoring is offered free of charge to the public.  Community volunteers work together with individuals who are interested in becoming citizens by helping them through the questions they will be asked in their interview and also with the civics questions they need to know to pass their citizenship exam.  Individuals can receive assistance with filling out their applications, but, in no way, does Unidos provide the student with legal advice.  Each fall, Unidos has a special celebration dinner to recognize those individuals who have invested the time and effort to become a citizen of the United States.  Classes are run from September through early December and mid-March through mid-June each year.  Individuals should call 856-455-2509 for more information or they can show up for class on Tuesday or Thursday night during the class dates listed above.


Unidos works together with the student to help them become citizens and continues to help them with the opportunities that become available as a result.  Unidos will help provide job readiness training for finding better employment or job promotions as a result of the student’s improved resident status. We will also work with individuals to help them prepare for entering college should that be their next life goal.  We work, not only with the student, but provide the student and their entire family access to family advocates who help families in all aspects of life such as: finances, health and wellness, parenting, educational advocacy and relationships.


Location: 136 E Commerce St., Bridgeton NJ

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 6-8 pm

Requirements: Please call 856-455-2509 and ask for Ramon to talk about your desires for citizenship and develop your plan for completion.


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Citizenship Tutoring

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